Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Morrison - Perth Fashion Week [September '07]

[September '07]
Morrsion higlights from Perth Fashion Week. Also winners of "Designer of the Year Award".

Director/Camera/Editor: Matt Charles [Legwarmer Productions]

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Bull Motor Bodies [Corporate Doco] [June '07]

Recently completed project for a Western Australian based company, Bull Motor Bodies,[http://www.bullmotorbodies.com.au/], who build custom ute bodies. They recently began supplying the RACV.

[Version 2.1.8 Master Edition - June '07]
Camera/Edit/Director: Matt Charles [Legwarmer Productions]
Graphic Design [inc. new logo]: Dan Pita
Writer: Rob McGlynn

Monday, June 18, 2007

Southern Gospel Choir [Film Clip/Profile] [May '07]

Shot a rehersal and concert of the Southern Gospel Choir on a trip to Hobart [Tasmania, Australia] late in '06, then edited while in Hobart during May '07. The challenge was that every shot (apart from the interview grabs), comes from the performance of a different song - hence syncing the music + vision was tricky and often impossible to even fake.

[Version 1.3]
Track: "Daily Bread/Lord of the Harvest"
Recorded by: Stewart Long [Red Planet]
Camera/Edit/Director: Matt Charles [Legwarmer Productions]
Additional Camera: Rob Riebel + Martin Duffy [Duff TV].

Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Innocents [Film Clip] [May'07]

This is a 95% completed film clip for Hobart band, The Innocents, for a track taken from their recent Album, "Pop Factory". Shot by Duff TV in 2006 on their World Bird Flu Tour, then Editied by Legwarmer in May '07 in Hobart, Tasmania.

[Version 2.0.9 - May '07]
Track: "I wouldn't have it any other way" [The Innocents]
Camera: Wally + Martin Duffy [Duff TV]
Edit/Director: Matt Charles [Legwarmer Productions]