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Sunday, May 01, 2005

Animal X: The Natural Mystery Unit [TV Series]

[April '04 ~ May '05]
The third series of the 'Animal X' franchise, was produced by Storyteller Media Group [Perth, WA], for the Discovery Channel [USA], + consisted of 10 one hour episodes investigating mysterious animal encounters. The film crew travelled the globe while I worked closely with the graphic artist to develop the visual 'interface' style.

There were several pre-production/production issues, a major one being Discovery's redirection of the script content just as principle shooting began. As such, I developed a series of 'get out of jail free' techniques to help recover form issues arising from location shooting and script approval battles. After I'd established the style of the first few of episodes, the level of the complexity the series had reached required other editors and graphic artists to be bought in to help finish the final episodes to meet air time deadlines in the States.

[Episode One: "The Mystery Of The Thylacine" ~ first 5 minutes]
Lead Editor/Post Production Director:
Matt Charles [Legwarmer Productions]